How to Choose The Right Probiotic Supplements

The increased demand and popularity of using probiotics for proper digestion, elimination and improved good health, many manufacturers of nutritional supplements have flooded the market with probiotic supplements. However many of these supplements are worthless which have beneficial bacteria that does not last long enough to reach your gut.

In fact, many of these probiotics are dead on reaching your intestines. They get killed by the powerful stomach acids before reaching your small and large intestines, and are thus of no use when dead.

As probiotics are extremely delicate and cannot survive exposure to light, air and oxygen, most of them do not survive storage and transportation. So if you choose probiotic supplements that require 100% refrigeration, make sure it is always refrigerated.

There is also a chance of manufacturers overpromising the potency of probiotics by perhaps promising you about a billion of live acidophilus organisms. This may be possible only on the date of manufacture. All this shows how important it is for you to choose probiotic supplements that deliver healthy bacteria to your gut every time you take it, till its expiration date.

Safe methods of manufacture 

There are today many methods employed to effectively package and store live, active and beneficial bacteria to your last intestine. One such method is a controlled-release formula that protects probiotics from gastric acid. This thus helps deliver a high percentage of live probiotic bacteria to the intestines.

Beadlet technology is another method that was developed in Japan. With this technology, probiotic supplements are created where the live probiotic bacteria gets enclosed in a small, pearl-shaped beadlet. The walls of the beadlet is formulated in such a way that its contents survive the stomach acid, and are released only on reaching the intestine’s neutral environment.

Both these delivery systems help ensure the probiotic supplements have an extended shelf life, without refrigeration. This means that while choosing probiotic supplements, look for one that is manufactured using a controlled release technology or a beadlet formulation, which does not require any refrigeration.

How Much Potassium Supplements Can You Take?

If you are potassium deficient you will experience symptoms such as constipation, weakness, fatigue, or heart arrhythmias. Having too much or too little can be dangerous to the body, but when you’re body is lacking potassium, you can experience various blood pressure related conditions. That is why there are such thing as potassium supplements so that you can get the right amount of this essential mineral in your body. 

How Much Potassium Supplements Can You Take?

The amount of potassium your body needs all varies on your size, personal health situation, and other physical factors. A newborn must only have 400mg of the mineral a day while an adult should have 4,700mg of it daily. However, this estimate has nothing to do with your daily routine and diet. If you are an athlete, smoke, have a demanding schedule, or use certain medication, you may need more potassium than others since they tend to be the main factors that drain the mineral.

Taking supplements is completely fine and at normal doses is 100% safe. The only potential side effects are stomach aches, and minor allergies. Potassium supplements should not be taken by anyone who may be struggling with high blood pressure, kidney failure, or diabetes, as it can trigger certain parts of the body that can be dangerous to your health. 

The main people who may need to increase their potassium intake are those who vigorously exercise or are always active. Potassium is a highly effective energy stimulant that will make you feel stronger and less tired when consumed before and after a hard workout. Before you increase your potassium intake or decide on using potassium supplements make sure to seek the guidance of a medical professional to learn more about your body’s relationship with the mineral. If they find that it will not harm your system, don’t wait any longer to take advantage of them, as they will help you tremendously.

Getting to know Organic: Its Supplements and Its Growing Reputation

Many years ago, humanity was conquered by preservatives that made their living easier at different costs, even their lives. It is without a doubt that chemicals have a way of destroying and improving the body but so far has done a greater deal of doing the former. These chemicals, when in excess, often lead to deterioration of the organs such as the liver, kidneys and even the heart. Ask anyone if they wanted to die early, and I’d bet the answer would be no. Everyone just wants to live the way they wanted to, without subscribing to a strict diet that keeps them from satisfying their cravings. On the other hand, it really is disturbing to find casualties resulting from excessive inducing of food rich in unnatural ingredients which is why, not so many years ago, nutritionists decided to utilize nature’s wealth.

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There is no denying the fact that children abhor vegetables and fruits because it is not ideal to their tastes, since they are commonly just plain sweet or salty. Adults who are not adaptable might attest to that fact, too. Stressful events which are so common now lead to eating unhealthy foods like chocolates and might result in diabetes or obesity. Eventually, ideas sprang from these demands that do not falsely advertise but are truly rich and truthful to its word. These organic supplements promise good effects that vary from men’s to women’s wellness, inflammation, immune support, prenatal, stress and energy, bone health, heart health, and joint health. You can choose from a number of brands, which are mostly available online for purchasing. If you want a demo, you can get one from a networking neighbor.

This is also one of the reasons why the organic pharmacy is booming nowadays: people sign up to companies that encourage their members to recruit other members but at the same time sell products that are healthy and are cost-friendly. It is only a matter of presentation and advertising on the side of the company.

georgehealthandfitnesstips health and fitness tips

Warning: these folks are very persuasive and insistent because it is the company’s main goal to add numbers to their organization. After all, there is no harm in trying something organic that came in packages similar to what we orally intake for medication. One thing to keep in mind though: you should make reading a habit; make sure that the promised effects are what you really need, because one harmless product can turn the other way around if used for the wrong purposes. So good luck on finding an organic supplement suitable for you and your body!


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